February 8, 2018

This is what Steve does when he does nothing... INCREDIBLE!

December 13, 2017

This post contains the first 3D animatic of the cutscenes. Some shots are ugly as hell, but thats why it's called an animatic!

December 2, 2017

After the colorsheets were approved it was time to start texturing. Substance painter made the job way easier and a fun thing to do.

It's not completely on point yet, but it's getting there.

November 11, 2017

Last year we had difficulty explaining our vision to our teachers. One of the teachers suggested we make a scale model of what we were trying to achieve. So we did, and this was the result.

October 27, 2017

Some drawings about what the environment and the cabin will look like.

October 27, 2017

Our scenario in the first stage written according to Blake Snyders beat sheet. A lot has changed since.

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