Building SOT part 2

World creation: Part 2

Using Unity terrain
Unity terrain can't be rotated, and as such can't be made to be upside-down; Something which I need for SOT. As such I want to render a mirror world using a second camera.
Attempt #1: Using RenderTexture
This method uses a plane and a texture created by an orthographic camera above the world. The performance is fine on mobile, but the downside is that the reflection looks incredibly flat. Maybe I should experiment with a non-orthographic camera?

Attempt #2 Using a mirrored camera & viewport editing.

As you can see in the gif above, this looks pretty cool, but I'd have to fix the scaling issue that happens due to the width and height relation. The solution will probably involve a combination of the two, having the mirror camera from #2 and rendering it on a plane like #1.

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