Twine & Unity: Timeline logic

For a prototype I went and made a twine version of one of the levels, to see how the pacing is, and, more importantly, on how to handle using variables and events in Unity. What I've come up with is to make a c# script for each level. It'll inherit from a main logic script that would contain all the general movement and interaction functions, like making a character move towards an object, making him pick up something or say something, ... The level-specific scripts would contain a main timer, to keep track of how far the story has progressed, and what each character does at that moment. The player could then play as a character, make a choice, and switch to the other character to see the consequences. Basically, for each level, I need to program a "Timeline" system with "beats" to hit, and program AI for whatever character the player is not playing as. TBC

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