Switching from SourceTree to Unity Collab

SourceTree broke.

Basically, we hit the 1Gb limit and got locked out. The amount of messing around it would take to fix, along with the still present confusion when using it, made me consider Unity's alternative: Unity Collaborate. I am happy I did.

The fact that we, Sarah and I, can see in the project itself what we are doing and avoid merge errors speeds up our workflow. And it's intuitive enough the be picked up pretty fast. Of cource there is still the 1Gb limit for the free plan, but we can get 25 Gb for 7€, which seems like a decent price and should hold the rest of the project nicely. We were also able to continue logging everything into Slack by setting up a webhook, and so keep our project history across BitBucket & SourceTree, and Unity Collaborate. It's nice.

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