Recording Fol(l)ey!

So yesterday we had scheduled to make some sound in the sound studio at our school. 'We' being myself and my colleague from animation, Elissa. Little did we know that the studio was already booked! Studio overbooking happens once in a blue moon and it appears that that was yesterday. So instead of taking all our junk back home and come back another day we decided to build our own tiny studio. So we booked time in one of the montage cells (a cell where filmmakers who have to assemble and cut their movie lock themselves in for the day). We found some spare sound absorbing foam and stuck it against the walls and chair.

I had a rug for the floor and BOOM! The place was well enough (if not better) sound absorbing for us to make some foley.

I have my own small mic, a zoom H2N, witch we installed and hooked up to my laptop in the hallway.

So with this setup we recorded sounds like: footsteps, clothing, fur, water dripping and stroking things against something. But most of all... we had fun doing it.

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